Human Nature Makes Mafia Methodology Far More Powerful Than Any Federal Law (3-29-2014)

Human Nature Makes Mafia Methodology Far More Powerful Than Any Federal Law (3-29-2014)

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What this means is the American Mafia has control of what goes on in America in a very big way.

If America is going to change course, it is up to the American Mafia more than it is up to the Federal Government.

I know this for a fact, and so does the American Mafia.

All of the white collar criminals on Wall Street and in Washington D.C. have little fear of Federal Law.

So what if they get caught?

Some easy time in a Federal Pen perhaps, while the millions they gained sits in some offshore bank account waiting for them when they get out.

For one example of a white collar criminal, Look what happened to Jon Corzine.

Absolutely Nothing for robbing hundreds of millions.

With the American Mafia, it’s another story entirely.

Cross these folks and it’s death to your children, death and torture for you, or both.

That’s real power.

It would be nice to think that we human beings have evolved to the point where force does not trump democratic law.

Many do think the above.

They are wrong in this assumption.

We are closer to the apes and “the laws of the jungle” than we are to God, if the Truth of the Matter was ever known.

If America is going to be fixed or changed in any appreciable degree, the American Mafia has to be on your side.

If they are not, forget about it.

Human nature dictates that Mafia force is much more powerful than “any paper laws”.

Human nature is not going to change in the next 100 years or the next 1000.

Any thoughts that human nature is going to change in the foreseeable future are unrealistic at best.

What this means is we need to rethink things from the ground up, if we are going to Save America or the World from Armageddon.

My destiny appears to be to try to get the American Mafia and the Smart folks in Silicon Valley to sit down and–>

Figure out a way to save this country in a manner that does not cost the Mafia any money, and do so—>

Before America has erupted into martial law and civil war and therefore–>

It is just too late.

I am not doing to well in regard to the above.

Neither Silicon Valley or the American Mafia will talk to me, it seems.

IMHO, there has to be a Reason why I survived so many Mafia hit attempts.

Otherwise, my miraculous survival to date “makes no sense”.

I have no hard feelings against the Mafia for repeatedly trying to kill me.

My Survival Against Them (so far anyway) gives me some Critical Insight in regard to what it is really going to take to Save America and Humanity From Itself.

Although I have exposed who the Mafia are, what they have done, and what they continue to do, my doing so is not being done to harm the American Mafia in any way.

I accept the Mafia as an Organization that was going to exist in one form or another no matter what, given “who we are as human beings from the standpoint of human nature”.

Both Silicon Valley and the American Public need to know that Democracy In America or any country really, will never work out in the long run.

Human Nature prevents such.

We need a Benevolent Dictatorship in America (and Worldwide) based on Wisdom, Silicon Valley Smarts (or similar), Mafia Power, and Truthful Science.

Nothing else will do.

The average American is not up to the task of Wisely Choosing Leaders, or determining America’s best course of action at the present time, if ever.

The above statement is growing more and more true over time, the dumber average folks get due to bad food, bad medicine, and too many people that are unfit parents having too many children that they improperly care for.

Natural selection, as applies to all other species on earth, is dormant.

The human genome is in decline for many reasons.

Yes, there are too many of us human beings on this earth, and a humane and wise solution needs to be found for this very serious problem.

The above facts do not give anyone the Right to Make All Children a little or a lot sick, as is what is happening in America from Bad Food and Fraudulent Medicine.

No win can come from making many millions of children mentally and physically impaired.

If we humans are going to save ourselves from a future in which No One Wins At All, no matter how much money or power one currently holds, WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO UNLEARN MUCH OF WHAT WE TAKE FOR GRANTED as the Truth, and relearn things from the ground up.

In relearning things, we need to take into account human nature and all of its common frailties.

IT WOULD BE WISEST TO Forget about the Ideal As We Would Like It To Be, and accept the Reality of Who We REALLY ARE.

We are animals closely related to monkeys that sometimes think correctly by using our brains, but more often than not don’t think correctly or at a very high level at all.

We are hairless monkeys smart enough to develop numerous technologies (the ones that are not suppressed anyways), but we sure appear to be not wise enough to use such technologies to save ourselves from self extinction, unless we really “rethink things and truly change”.

That’s all.

Certainly, there are exceptions to the above, and Silicon Valley is loaded with them.

There is a high concentration of Very Smart People here in Silicon Valley that thinks at a very high level and are moral big picture thinking human beings.

IMHO, Silicon Valley represents a concentration of very smart people that exists no where else in the world.

In the world I see every day on the streets of San Francisco, there is also a concentration here of people that don’t think at a high level at all, and suffer every day from both past and present mistakes. Is there anything that can be done about this? Do these people deserve better, or are their own mistakes trapping them? (I do not have all the answers. I am only asking the questions in these regards.)

Is there any practical and truthful answer to humanity’s many major problems? and America’s many major problems too?

IMHO, the Only Answers, if they do exist, lie in a Respectful and On-going Collaboration between the Smart Folks in Silicon Valley and the Smart Folks in the American Mafia.

Democracy, as it was set up in 1776, and is carried out today, will never resolve America’s problems.

It has resulted in too much economic slavery to the corporations, and too much federal government corruption that is unresolvable by any voting means.

Work at Walmart, or any minimum wage job, for 40 hours a week, and you will experience for yourself what economic slavery is all about. (You expend your best effort, and you can barely afford a roof over your head, and healthy food for yourself. That’s if you can even get a 40 hour work week, for Walmart likes “part time employees better than full time ones”.)

Democracy over the past 238 years or so has taken its natural course, a course based more on human nature than any federal laws that we passed.

The Smart People took advantage of the Less Well Informed, as far as Healthcare and Healing goes.

The Wealthy took advantage of the less fiscally well endowed as well.

And so did the Powerful and the Corrupt Corporations take advantage in America, in order to seek greater gain for themselves.

Almost all of the strong and the powerful people and corporations took advantage of the less well informed, the less fiscally well endowed, and the less well endowed physically or mentally, such that “the rest that did not take advantage do not really count”.

Moral Companies like Google and WordPress are the rare exception to the rule.


Because it’s only human nature to “take advantage”, it seems.

I understand this in a personal sense, for I took unfair advantage of my employees by paying myself too much after Darman Mfg. Company succeeded. Although I paid my employees better than the average wage for such work, I could have done even better, but I did not, a decision I later came to regret. (On the money we made after we succeeded in the early 1990’s, I could have sponsored a whole village in Africa for $10,000 or $15,000 a year and not have it hurt us as a company at all, another decision that I live to regret. I had a world view many years ago. I just never carried it out.)

If given the opportunity to get away with it, it is only human nature to “take too much”.

Even churches and other religious organizations often take too much from their people.

Meanwhile, while we are being “who we are from the standpoint of human nature”, our planet has suffered tremendous environmental damage, to the point where all of humanity is at risk of extinction if things continue as they are going.

The Nuclear disaster in Fukushima should be a Wake Up Call.

So should the bizarre weather in America and worldwide, to say nothing of “more earthquakes and volcano activity”.

So should that disastrous oil spill in the Gulf, one that was almost unable to be stopped, and still leaks today.

We lost both the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean to poisoning of one sort of another in the past four years, it seems. (How does one mourn the loss of an ocean? I wish I knew.)

Are we humans so fatally flawed that this is humanity’s last 100 years on earth? without environmental catastrophe, global nuclear war, or “even worse”.

I’d like to explain “even worse”.

If America ever had an EMP attack that blanketed the country, what do you think would happen to all of the nuclear power generating plants that we built? Perhaps every single one would go into meltdown and become “a Fukushima”. Their collective radioactive leakage would exterminate all of America, without question, if not radiologically poison the entire hemisphere, or perhaps even the entire planet over time. Some say it would only take three nuclear bombs detonated high over America to do this. And some say that even Fukushima on its own, no matter what we humans do, is destined to make the Northern Hemisphere radioactively uninhabitable from the rain and the snow over the years.

Isn’t it time to tell the TRUTH YET??? about a lot of things.

Isn’t it time for some buried secrets to come out of the closet, such as the fact that Mafia Methodology is more powerful than federal government law?–>

And then begin to work with such to try to save America and the world based on the TRUTH–>

Rather than deny such a situation “that the Mafia effectively controls the U.S. Government is even possible” as many do?

I have seen with my own eyes how powerful the Mafia is at controlling people that they target.

I would not be surprised at all if the Mafia had effective control over President Obama in secret.

In fact, I would be quite surprised if the Mafia did not have effective control over every President in the U.S. since JFK.

All the Mafia had to tell Lyndon Johnson is “We killed Kennedy and got away with it. If you don’t do what we say on certain key issues, we will kill you and your children too.”

No one can stand up to these kind of threats but a rare person like me who doesn’t care about dying, or my sons being killed too (as is entirely possible someday, no matter what I may say or do).

I am trying to Save the World from the Extinction I see as Inevitable if We Do Not Change What We Are Doing Now.

I refuse to put the few before the many, even if it means myself and my own children are going to die at the hands of the Mafia because I opposed the Status Quo.

Is the love of power and money by some people going to doom us all?

Can’t a way be found to work within the confines of the frailties of human nature in oder to save our planet in an environmental sense, rather than–>

Idealistically denying that these common frailties in human nature do not or should not exist?

Let’s get off the topic of the Mafia for the moment and talk about another Secretive Agenda and Secretive Group.

The Agenda 21 folks think that killing off 90% of us is going to do the trick, and save this planet for those that remain alive.

I beg to differ.

Not the way they are doing it.

Too many of us have Woken Up, such that “there is going to be a colossal, and perhaps worldwide nuclear, war” if things continue the way that they are going.

Even the Bilderberg group, or the Illuminati, or whomever is behind this plan to kill off most of us, had better rethink things.

You people do not have enough control of humanity to get away with what you have planned in regard to exterminating us.

There are numerous ways to humanely cut the world’s population in half, and then in half again, without poisoning this whole planet and all of us.

If not, these humane ways of cutting the planetary burden of “too many human beings on it” need to be found.

Who would be best to find these answers?

The Smartest Folks in Silicon Valley and Worldwide, of course.

Not the Wealthy Elite who are “acting in secret” against us.

Whomever you are, and I am sure you are listening to me (if not also hacking me), Your secrets have been exposed by far too many people, from Art Bell (ret.), David Icke, Jeff Rense, George Noory, Lindsay Williams, Edward Griffin, Alex Jones, my heroic team, etc. on down (please forgive me if I omitted your name, there are so many to name here).

Now what do we do?

And if we do nothing, and all stay with the course we are on, what is the world going to look like by 2050? or even well before.

The weather will eventually make all of us Concerned About Survival on this planet.

There will be so little land to support healthy crops if radiological and weather problems continue unabated, it is going to really become a dog eat dog world.

Isn’t there any reverence for this beautiful planet God or some higher power created out of a chunk of molten star material?

If we do not develop some reverence for nature and Mother Earth and >>>act accordingly< According to “the little bit of genius god gave me”. (I first knew this at 11 years old as a result of reading two sets of children’s encyclopedias, Rachel Carson’s “A Silent Spring”, and going through numerous nuclear war drills at elementary school.)

America’s coming fiscal collapse is only a small part of the big picture, it seems.

You can count your paper money and gold in a radiological, toxic and weather stricken hell soon if we keep on going the way we are going.

Can’t everyone see this?

Doesn’t it matter?

Isn’t Some Sort of Awakening Action Necessary in order to Begin to Effect Real Change?

iROCK4FREEDOM! or similar BETTER HAPPEN, and happen before our federal government says “We Shut Down the Internet” because of Martial Law.

It’s not my ass I am concerned with.

It’s yours, your children’s and your grandchildren’s, as well as mine (assuming my two sons are not taken out too at a later date out of vindictiveness or spite).

Allen D and my heroic WordPress Team – composed of all equal heroes compared to myself for having voluntarily joined my fight in April 2012, despite full well knowing the Mafia was after me and repeatedly trying to kill me, and for sticking with me through some very tough times since then

Please note: this blog will be worked on for days… if not weeks… it is a very important, if not critical, one.

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    My destiny appears to be to try to get the American Mafia and the Smart folks in Silicon Valley to sit down and–>
    Figure out a way to save this country in a manner that does not cost the Mafia any money, and do so—>

    Before America has erupted into martial law and civil war and therefore–>

    It is just too late.

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