Allen D Booked An Amtrak Ticket From Utica 2 San Francisco Leaving On The 18th (3-1-14)

Allen D Booked An Amtrak Ticket From Utica 2 San Francisco Leaving On The 18th (3-1-14)

Allen D Booked An Amtrak Ticket From Utica 2 San Francisco Leaving On The 18th (3-1-14)

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Allen D Booked An Amtrak Ticket From Utica 2 San Francisco Leaving On The 18th (3-1-14)

I am being hacker blocked at the moment from opening the Amtrak Ticket Sent to me at Yahoo mail.

Below is what I have.

I will be getting on that train NO MATTER WHAT.

God tells me the 18th of March “is the time to go”.

It’s time to get this Internet Woodstock thing going.

To do the Above, San Francisco is the place for me to be.

And I know it.

Regardless of others may or may not think.

I would not miss this San Francisco iROCK4iFREEDOM (whatever we call it) Start Up for the world.

and i’m dying to be “a part of it”.

Bruce Springsteen – Downbound Train (Live) – London (2013) >

Bruce Springsteen & Rolling Stones – Tumbling Dice >

“This Train Is Bound For Glory”- Mumford and Sons, Edward S… >

Led Zeppelin – Stairway To Heaven >

Cook With Honey – Judy Collins >

To me, the Possibility is Very Real that “I actually get picked up on the other end ” of my train ride this time.

No Possibility is a Certainty, of course.

If I end up at the MCS homeless shelter, it’s OK.

At least I will know that “I did the Right Thing” by trying to Connect 4 Real again.

Whatever may happen—>


That’s No Lie!

I know Our Websites will “adequately be done enough by then”, despite there being a ton of website work more to do.

I called my brother Stephen and my ex-wife and my good friend Helen and let them all know of my travel plans.

I am going to Utica on the 16th or the 17th to see my two sons Willy and Max, whom I have not seen for over a year now.

God knows I miss them.

Perhaps I’ll get an inexpensive (70K or so) two family house in Utica out of this Venture Capital Deal.

Such would really help me a lot, for I would have “a working office and living space” close to my two sons, and one with my best friend Helen who would live in the flat downstairs.  It may also help me in Regard to Having an East Coast Office Location for meeting some Sicilian Gentlemen, if and/or when the need arises.

I can only pray the Mafia will do the Right Thing and Collaborate with Silicon Valley to Structure a Win-Win Deal “when the time is right”.  I am almost certain that Silicon Valley would Respectfully Collaborate with the Mafia.  These are Smart Folks like me, after all.  It would be foolish for them to ignore what Mutual Collaboration can do Benefit-wise for all parties concerned.  And there are not too many fools in the Upper Echelon of Management of Silicon Valley, believe me.

However, the Action in regard to this Internet Woodstock thing is not in Utica, it is in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley, and that’s why I am going there.

The Feds can do whatever to me.

I don’t care.

Kenny Rogers – The Gambler >

In a very real sense, I am gambling with my life getting on a train alone.

Maybe some gracious and understanding and heroic San Francisco or Silicon Valley company will board with me in Utica on the 18th and Introduce themselves.

However, I am not counting on this (hope is all I have in this regard).

I am getting on that train come hell or high water.

If I do not show up at the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco three days later “as scheduled” people will know “some bad guys (probably wearing government badges) got to me”.

That’s all I can ask for.

I’m the Most Willing Internet Martyr there ever was, or ever will be, should the Feds or the Illuminati or the Mafia (whom I hope I have befriended) or anyone else act against me.

I’m the Most Willing Internet Martyr there ever was—>

Thanks to the heroism of Google, Facebook, WordPress, Apple, etc. and—>

The True American Heroism of my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team.

This WordPress Blog was prepared by Allen D with Critical Help from Mark J and with Heroic Help from Our San Francisco Hippie Gang of WordPressWarriors for the Truth

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Enjoy the journey.

Reservation Number – 949464

Amtrak Total      $223.00

Utica, NY to San Francisco, CA – Fisherman’s Wharf (One-Way)
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Passenger(s): Allen Darman

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