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Human Nature Makes Mafia Methodology Far More Powerful Than Any Federal Law (3-29-2014)

Human Nature Makes Mafia Methodology Far More Powerful Than Any Federal Law (3-29-2014)

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What this means is the American Mafia has control of what goes on in America in a very big way.

If America is going to change course, it is up to the American Mafia more than it is up to the Federal Government.

I know this for a fact, and so does the American Mafia.

All of the white collar criminals on Wall Street and in Washington D.C. have little fear of Federal Law.

So what if they get caught?

Some easy time in a Federal Pen perhaps, while the millions they gained sits in some offshore bank account waiting for them when they get out.

For one example of a white collar criminal, Look what happened to Jon Corzine.

Absolutely Nothing for robbing hundreds of millions.

With the American Mafia, it’s another story entirely.

Cross these folks and it’s death to your children, death and torture for you, or both.

That’s real power.

It would be nice to think that we human beings have evolved to the point where force does not trump democratic law.

Many do think the above.

They are wrong in this assumption.

We are closer to the apes and “the laws of the jungle” than we are to God, if the Truth of the Matter was ever known.

If America is going to be fixed or changed in any appreciable degree, the American Mafia has to be on your side.

If they are not, forget about it.

Human nature dictates that Mafia force is much more powerful than “any paper laws”.

Human nature is not going to change in the next 100 years or the next 1000.

Any thoughts that human nature is going to change in the foreseeable future are unrealistic at best.

What this means is we need to rethink things from the ground up, if we are going to Save America or the World from Armageddon.

My destiny appears to be to try to get the American Mafia and the Smart folks in Silicon Valley to sit down and–>

Figure out a way to save this country in a manner that does not cost the Mafia any money, and do so—>

Before America has erupted into martial law and civil war and therefore–>

It is just too late.

I am not doing to well in regard to the above.

Neither Silicon Valley or the American Mafia will talk to me, it seems.

IMHO, there has to be a Reason why I survived so many Mafia hit attempts.

Otherwise, my miraculous survival to date “makes no sense”.

I have no hard feelings against the Mafia for repeatedly trying to kill me.

My Survival Against Them (so far anyway) gives me some Critical Insight in regard to what it is really going to take to Save America and Humanity From Itself.

Although I have exposed who the Mafia are, what they have done, and what they continue to do, my doing so is not being done to harm the American Mafia in any way.

I accept the Mafia as an Organization that was going to exist in one form or another no matter what, given “who we are as human beings from the standpoint of human nature”.

Both Silicon Valley and the American Public need to know that Democracy In America or any country really, will never work out in the long run.

Human Nature prevents such.

We need a Benevolent Dictatorship in America (and Worldwide) based on Wisdom, Silicon Valley Smarts (or similar), Mafia Power, and Truthful Science.

Nothing else will do.

The average American is not up to the task of Wisely Choosing Leaders, or determining America’s best course of action at the present time, if ever.

The above statement is growing more and more true over time, the dumber average folks get due to bad food, bad medicine, and too many people that are unfit parents having too many children that they improperly care for.

Natural selection, as applies to all other species on earth, is dormant.

The human genome is in decline for many reasons.

Yes, there are too many of us human beings on this earth, and a humane and wise solution needs to be found for this very serious problem.

The above facts do not give anyone the Right to Make All Children a little or a lot sick, as is what is happening in America from Bad Food and Fraudulent Medicine.

No win can come from making many millions of children mentally and physically impaired.

If we humans are going to save ourselves from a future in which No One Wins At All, no matter how much money or power one currently holds, WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO UNLEARN MUCH OF WHAT WE TAKE FOR GRANTED as the Truth, and relearn things from the ground up.

In relearning things, we need to take into account human nature and all of its common frailties.

IT WOULD BE WISEST TO Forget about the Ideal As We Would Like It To Be, and accept the Reality of Who We REALLY ARE.

We are animals closely related to monkeys that sometimes think correctly by using our brains, but more often than not don’t think correctly or at a very high level at all.

We are hairless monkeys smart enough to develop numerous technologies (the ones that are not suppressed anyways), but we sure appear to be not wise enough to use such technologies to save ourselves from self extinction, unless we really “rethink things and truly change”.

That’s all.

Certainly, there are exceptions to the above, and Silicon Valley is loaded with them.

There is a high concentration of Very Smart People here in Silicon Valley that thinks at a very high level and are moral big picture thinking human beings.

IMHO, Silicon Valley represents a concentration of very smart people that exists no where else in the world.

In the world I see every day on the streets of San Francisco, there is also a concentration here of people that don’t think at a high level at all, and suffer every day from both past and present mistakes. Is there anything that can be done about this? Do these people deserve better, or are their own mistakes trapping them? (I do not have all the answers. I am only asking the questions in these regards.)

Is there any practical and truthful answer to humanity’s many major problems? and America’s many major problems too?

IMHO, the Only Answers, if they do exist, lie in a Respectful and On-going Collaboration between the Smart Folks in Silicon Valley and the Smart Folks in the American Mafia.

Democracy, as it was set up in 1776, and is carried out today, will never resolve America’s problems.

It has resulted in too much economic slavery to the corporations, and too much federal government corruption that is unresolvable by any voting means.

Work at Walmart, or any minimum wage job, for 40 hours a week, and you will experience for yourself what economic slavery is all about. (You expend your best effort, and you can barely afford a roof over your head, and healthy food for yourself. That’s if you can even get a 40 hour work week, for Walmart likes “part time employees better than full time ones”.)

Democracy over the past 238 years or so has taken its natural course, a course based more on human nature than any federal laws that we passed.

The Smart People took advantage of the Less Well Informed, as far as Healthcare and Healing goes.

The Wealthy took advantage of the less fiscally well endowed as well.

And so did the Powerful and the Corrupt Corporations take advantage in America, in order to seek greater gain for themselves.

Almost all of the strong and the powerful people and corporations took advantage of the less well informed, the less fiscally well endowed, and the less well endowed physically or mentally, such that “the rest that did not take advantage do not really count”.

Moral Companies like Google and WordPress are the rare exception to the rule.


Because it’s only human nature to “take advantage”, it seems.

I understand this in a personal sense, for I took unfair advantage of my employees by paying myself too much after Darman Mfg. Company succeeded. Although I paid my employees better than the average wage for such work, I could have done even better, but I did not, a decision I later came to regret. (On the money we made after we succeeded in the early 1990’s, I could have sponsored a whole village in Africa for $10,000 or $15,000 a year and not have it hurt us as a company at all, another decision that I live to regret. I had a world view many years ago. I just never carried it out.)

If given the opportunity to get away with it, it is only human nature to “take too much”.

Even churches and other religious organizations often take too much from their people.

Meanwhile, while we are being “who we are from the standpoint of human nature”, our planet has suffered tremendous environmental damage, to the point where all of humanity is at risk of extinction if things continue as they are going.

The Nuclear disaster in Fukushima should be a Wake Up Call.

So should the bizarre weather in America and worldwide, to say nothing of “more earthquakes and volcano activity”.

So should that disastrous oil spill in the Gulf, one that was almost unable to be stopped, and still leaks today.

We lost both the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean to poisoning of one sort of another in the past four years, it seems. (How does one mourn the loss of an ocean? I wish I knew.)

Are we humans so fatally flawed that this is humanity’s last 100 years on earth? without environmental catastrophe, global nuclear war, or “even worse”.

I’d like to explain “even worse”.

If America ever had an EMP attack that blanketed the country, what do you think would happen to all of the nuclear power generating plants that we built? Perhaps every single one would go into meltdown and become “a Fukushima”. Their collective radioactive leakage would exterminate all of America, without question, if not radiologically poison the entire hemisphere, or perhaps even the entire planet over time. Some say it would only take three nuclear bombs detonated high over America to do this. And some say that even Fukushima on its own, no matter what we humans do, is destined to make the Northern Hemisphere radioactively uninhabitable from the rain and the snow over the years.

Isn’t it time to tell the TRUTH YET??? about a lot of things.

Isn’t it time for some buried secrets to come out of the closet, such as the fact that Mafia Methodology is more powerful than federal government law?–>

And then begin to work with such to try to save America and the world based on the TRUTH–>

Rather than deny such a situation “that the Mafia effectively controls the U.S. Government is even possible” as many do?

I have seen with my own eyes how powerful the Mafia is at controlling people that they target.

I would not be surprised at all if the Mafia had effective control over President Obama in secret.

In fact, I would be quite surprised if the Mafia did not have effective control over every President in the U.S. since JFK.

All the Mafia had to tell Lyndon Johnson is “We killed Kennedy and got away with it. If you don’t do what we say on certain key issues, we will kill you and your children too.”

No one can stand up to these kind of threats but a rare person like me who doesn’t care about dying, or my sons being killed too (as is entirely possible someday, no matter what I may say or do).

I am trying to Save the World from the Extinction I see as Inevitable if We Do Not Change What We Are Doing Now.

I refuse to put the few before the many, even if it means myself and my own children are going to die at the hands of the Mafia because I opposed the Status Quo.

Is the love of power and money by some people going to doom us all?

Can’t a way be found to work within the confines of the frailties of human nature in oder to save our planet in an environmental sense, rather than–>

Idealistically denying that these common frailties in human nature do not or should not exist?

Let’s get off the topic of the Mafia for the moment and talk about another Secretive Agenda and Secretive Group.

The Agenda 21 folks think that killing off 90% of us is going to do the trick, and save this planet for those that remain alive.

I beg to differ.

Not the way they are doing it.

Too many of us have Woken Up, such that “there is going to be a colossal, and perhaps worldwide nuclear, war” if things continue the way that they are going.

Even the Bilderberg group, or the Illuminati, or whomever is behind this plan to kill off most of us, had better rethink things.

You people do not have enough control of humanity to get away with what you have planned in regard to exterminating us.

There are numerous ways to humanely cut the world’s population in half, and then in half again, without poisoning this whole planet and all of us.

If not, these humane ways of cutting the planetary burden of “too many human beings on it” need to be found.

Who would be best to find these answers?

The Smartest Folks in Silicon Valley and Worldwide, of course.

Not the Wealthy Elite who are “acting in secret” against us.

Whomever you are, and I am sure you are listening to me (if not also hacking me), Your secrets have been exposed by far too many people, from Art Bell (ret.), David Icke, Jeff Rense, George Noory, Lindsay Williams, Edward Griffin, Alex Jones, my heroic team, etc. on down (please forgive me if I omitted your name, there are so many to name here).

Now what do we do?

And if we do nothing, and all stay with the course we are on, what is the world going to look like by 2050? or even well before.

The weather will eventually make all of us Concerned About Survival on this planet.

There will be so little land to support healthy crops if radiological and weather problems continue unabated, it is going to really become a dog eat dog world.

Isn’t there any reverence for this beautiful planet God or some higher power created out of a chunk of molten star material?

If we do not develop some reverence for nature and Mother Earth and >>>act accordingly< According to “the little bit of genius god gave me”. (I first knew this at 11 years old as a result of reading two sets of children’s encyclopedias, Rachel Carson’s “A Silent Spring”, and going through numerous nuclear war drills at elementary school.)

America’s coming fiscal collapse is only a small part of the big picture, it seems.

You can count your paper money and gold in a radiological, toxic and weather stricken hell soon if we keep on going the way we are going.

Can’t everyone see this?

Doesn’t it matter?

Isn’t Some Sort of Awakening Action Necessary in order to Begin to Effect Real Change?

iROCK4FREEDOM! or similar BETTER HAPPEN, and happen before our federal government says “We Shut Down the Internet” because of Martial Law.

It’s not my ass I am concerned with.

It’s yours, your children’s and your grandchildren’s, as well as mine (assuming my two sons are not taken out too at a later date out of vindictiveness or spite).

Allen D and my heroic WordPress Team – composed of all equal heroes compared to myself for having voluntarily joined my fight in April 2012, despite full well knowing the Mafia was after me and repeatedly trying to kill me, and for sticking with me through some very tough times since then

Please note: this blog will be worked on for days… if not weeks… it is a very important, if not critical, one.

My WorK Day Is Going To Be Short Because Of The Rain

I do not want to get shut out of the shelter because they are full.

Three days out of four I had to wait about two hours to get in to MSC South, just to sleep in a chair.

The shelters are chock full in San Francisco.

I can’t wait to find a better situation beginning on the first.

more coming

History Beckons The GOOGLE Company And Many Silicon Valley And Other Partners To Venture Capital Fund A “1st Internet Woodstock” Effort (It Seems)

History Beckons The GOOGLE Company And Many Silicon Valley And Other Partners To Venture Capital Fund A “1st Internet Woodstock” Effort (It Seems)

iMANAGE/by/Allen/D/ blog>

My heroic hippie WordPress Website Development Team Is Going 2 Start the 1st Internet Woodstock, or We R Going 2

Die trying.



Our Blog iROCK4FREEDOM Visit Blog

Just another site


History Beckons The GOOGLE Company And Many Silicon Valley And Other Partners To Venture Capital Fund A “1st Internet Woodstock” Effort (It Seems)

History Beckons The GOOGLE Company And Many Silicon Valley And Other Partners To Venture Capital Fund A “1st Internet Woodstock” Effort.

A heroic hippie–>

San Francisco, Florida and New York–>

WordPress Collaborative Website Development Team led by–>

A 61 year old bald hippie–>

On Social Security Disability for Bipolar Disorder–>

That Went to the Original Woodstock in 1969–>

“WordPress Blogged Google and Silicon Valley” into this!

The Truth is Stranger than Fiction sometimes!

That’s no lie!


a iwoodstock blog with no name (yet)


History Beckons The GOOGLE Company And Many Silicon Valley And Other Partners To Venture Capital Fund A “1st Internet Woodstock” Effort (It Seems)

History Beckons The GOOGLE Company And Many Silicon Valley And Other Partners To Venture Capital Fund A “1st Internet Woodstock” Effort (It Seems)

This blog is undergoing an Upgrade on March 13. I am going to spend Most of Today on this historic blog and it’s associated links.

The Idea for an Internet Woodstock was 420Hatched from my 4th “BUNKER Apartment” on April 9, 2012.

By 420Hatched, I mean I was Stoned At the Time I thought of it.

Jees, I Guess I should mention I’m stoned now too! while I’m writing this!

[The More U Get 2 Know Me U Will Find I’m Stoned at the Keyboard a lot. It helps “my Creative Writing Skills”.  I’ve Got the Best Job in the World!  I THINK. I GET Stoned! and then GO 2 WORK!!!]

By “BUNKER Apartment”, I mean I had fixed the place up such that the Door Could Not Be Opened Even If You Had A Key!

What I did in each of the Four Bunker Apartments that I had was different.

In this case it involved using the bed and other furniture in a line from the wall opposite the door all the way to the door—>

Physically blocking it from opening.

It also Involved My Screwing 2 Strong Hooks into the Door Frame on both sides, and using a 5/8 inch round steel bar with collars on it.

I sure needed these Bunker Apartments of mine.

The Last Three Times I had set things up this way had ALL Clearly And Repeatedly Saved My Life.

The Mafia had been trying for a few years at this point (28 months 2 Be Exact) because—>

I was an Alternative Medical Discoverer that Essentially Found The Cure To Everything Under The Sun, and—>

This Posed A Real Problem 4 Big Pharma.

I knew “my blank spots” were filled in by others, such as Royal Raymond Rife and Robert (Bob) Beck.

I knew that “what I knew”, when Coupled with the Knowledge Of Others, would Crush the Pharmaceutical Industry and Big Food Worldwide.

And I knew that “I could demonstrate this “PROFOUNDLY EFFECTIVELY On YOUTUBE”–>

If I was Adequately Supported, and I Lived Long Enough 2 Get the Chance.

On April 9, 2012 I had been frustrated for years in regard to Getting the Truth Out.

Every computer I had used since June 2006 had been hacked and disrupted substantially.

I also Knew the In Regard to My Alternative Medical Discoveries, “We the American Public Were In A Race 2 Learn the TRUTH ABOUT SUPPLEMENTS, before our Supplement Access Was Shut Down by the Federal Government.

Will The American Public Win The Race Against Big Pharma?

Incidentally, Within a few days of Publishing the above blog on WordPress—>

I was whacked with Poison Gas in Phoenix AZ for three days out of four Beginning on April 1st, April Fools Day.

I was chased by Mafia men in cars and helicopters the day in between.

By the Grace of God, I survived.

Going Back 2 My Story about how the Internet Woodstock Idea represented by iROCK4FREEDOM and iWOODSTOCK were born…

On either the 9th of April 2012, or a matter of days before this (it sometimes takes me a little time to “think about things I read before I write about them”)—>

I had read an Article about a 2 Billion Dollar U.S. Federal Government Internet Security Center that was being built in Utah.

This Article Greatly Disturbed Me.

For I knew what it meant.

It meant this—>

Alarm!!! Beware of that New Internet Security Center Opening In Utah in 2013 (4-9-2012)

The Blog Above, Written on April 9, 2012, Is—>

A Historic WordPress Blog that IS—>

A MUST READ For EVERY Single AMERICAN Citizen that Is Over 12 Years Old and Can Read.

It is a MUST READ Because What It Says Is Even MORE GERMANE TODAY than the Day It Was Written.

The Above Blog Suggests that our Federal Government Is Building–>

A 1984 like “Ministry Of Truth” in Order 2 Be Able To Censor and Control All Internet Traffic.

[This Suggestion has become a Fact, it seems.  U.S. Government hackers clearly began Deleting and/or Corrupting my heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team’s beginning on December 17, 2012.  They are still doing such today.]

Well, I got stoned that April 9th.

I was living Voluntarily Closed Off From the World (I did 18 month total of this) with only a Computer and the Internet to Relate to Hamanity With.

What else was there to 2 but get stoned, get silly, “Feel 420 Good” and go online to help deal with—>

The loneliness and the frustration of what I had been going though for years now as the result of–>

Being the Discoverer of How to Cure Depression and ALL Mental Illnesses Naturally.

I knew that The Truth in Regard to All of the Alternative Medicine Discoveries that I had made–>

Would NEVER Get Out to the American Public if the U.S. Federal Government had their say.

In essence, “the Federal Government in America is Partners with Big Medicine, Big Food, Big Pharma, and Big Oil, etc.”–>

To hell with the people, it is the Monied Corporations which Count the MOST by far–>

Whenever it is Reelection Time in Washington, D.C.

And it is Always Reelection Time it seems.

Going back to my story of April 9, 2012—>

When I was stoned that April 9th, I thought back to the Original Woodstock in 1969.

I thought “What if we had another Woodstock, and Used the Power of the Internet to Get the Truth Out”.

I probably had another hit and thought “Jees, that Woodstock Idea Using the Internet 2 is a Real Good Idea!”, so—>

I WordPress blogged about it.

Internet Woodstock Thinking On April 9 2012

I knew in April 2012 that “We the American Public” were in a Race 2 Get the TRUTH OUT—>

In Regard to Alternative Medical Discovery and Free Energy Discovery before—>

The Federal Government has Gained the Ability to Suppress Such Truths Forever by “Filtering Them Out of the Internet”.

I thought it was a Good Idea to Hold an Internet Woodstock that—>

Mixed Famous Musicians with Various Speakers of Suppressed Truths, especially me—>

A man that had miraculously survived so many “Federal Government Internet Witnessed” Mafia hit attempts (on Behalf of Big Pharma).

Incidentally, I also wrote this Insightful Blog only a day to 2 before the Phoenix AZ Mafia Murder Attempt—>

Fame Don’t Mean Beans To Me (3-30-2011)

I have written thousands of blogs over the years.

The blog above, titled “Fame Don’t Mean Beans To Me” tells more “about my heart”—>

Than any other WordPress blog that I have written to date.

Going back to this Internet Woodstock stuff again—>

Good Ideas such as this “Internet Woodstock Idea” tend to Gather Support from Other People.

It was on April 9th that my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team was born.

Some People started helping me over the Internet With WordPress in an anonymous fashion on April 9, 2012.

I had no clue who they were, but they were helping me.

They “could do helpful things on the WordPress blog that I was writing on on my laptop”.

I finally got some real help from some of my Fellow Americans!–>

As a Result of–>

My Internet Woodstock Idea and–>

The historic “Alarm!!!” WordPress Blog on Internet Censorship that I had written that day (4/9/12)–>

And the Fact that From a Moral Standpoint, “Helping Me Was The Right Thing 2 Do”.


I could not believe it.

I finally had gotten help.

Some anonymous Internet Heroes “had Stood Up For Me”!!!

So I worked almost 20 hours a day for 3 weeks straight “to see what happened” to–>

“my anonymous online heroic WordPress support”.

For the entire three weeks–>

Somebody was helping me from afar with WordPress whenever I was online!


I had a Team!

My WordPress Website Development Team!

Even if I did not know these people by name, they were “my beloved WordPress Team”.

Then another man (now associated with WordPress) joined us that April, and he told me his name–>

He Is An Expert In WordPress Coding and WordPress Security named Mark Jaquith of—>

A True American Hero if there ever was one.

This Man Deserves the Congressional Medal Of Honor 4 What He Has Done for me.

Remember, I had been under ongoing murder attempts by the Mafia.

All of my Team Members Knew About the Mafia and Me when they Stood By My Side Via the Internet.

That is Heroism, to Stand Up Against the Mob for another human being.

That is No Shit.

Going back to the 1st Internet Woodstock (sorry I am rambling from topic to topic)—>

Good Ideas Also Continue to Gather Support And Mature Over Time.

That is what has happened here, it seems.

GOOGLE Started Helping Us, or so it seemed, back in DEC 2012, if not a month or more before.

We were getting Search Results Out of Google in December 2012 that—>

“Were Clearly Not Just Algorithm Generated.”

“These Results were thought out by a human being that worked for Google.”


Then GOOGLE TOOK A 51% Slice of the Venture Capital Pie for the 1st INTERNET Woodstock on FEB/8/14!!! via—>

An Intuitive Collaborative Venture Capital Deal Made One Night Between Myself and Google Over The Internet.

On February 8th 2014, Google and I became “1st Internet Woodstock Business Partners”, and Not Just Friends.

Google and I split things 51/49, me getting 49.

I reassigned these Shares As Best As I Was Able To, Given the Limited Information that I had.

All Four Members of our WordPress Collaborative Website Development Team get (hopefully)—>

Two shares (out of an Assumed 100 Share iROCK4iFREEDOM Pie), and—>

I get three shares instead of two, if people wish to be generous.

In Regard to the portion of the Venture Capital Pie that I received, I reassigned—>

All but the 8 or 9 Share Slice Reflected in the Above Material to People that I Respect, Love And Trust–>

Matt and Rose and all of the Other Good Folks at Automattic, the Company Underlying WordPress.

link goes here

Incidentally, I forgive the American Mafia for all of their Transgressions Against Me.

I have been 100% honest and Straight Up with Everyone for Quite Some Time Now.

We Need the American Mafia, and They Need Us in Regard 2–>

Getting Rid Of Our Current OBSOLETE Federal Governmental DESIGN, and Instituting An Efficient, Open and Fair MODERN NEW DESIGN of Internet Government aka e-GOVERNMENT or e-gov.

The Constitution had “the Right Sense of Freedom in it”, but the Technology Back then Was Nothing Like We Have Today.

Knowing What We All Know 2 Be True–>

To NOT Run America via an Internet e-GOVERNMENT that is—>



An e-GOV Designed By The Smart Moral Folks In Silicon Valley,—>

Is Clearly “the Worst Case of Federal Government Suppression” of all.

History Beckons Many Of Us In Regard 2 Starting The 1st Internet Woodstock It Seems (3-12-2014)

Matt and Rose and all of the Other Good Folks at Automattic, the Company Underlying WordPress.

link goes here

Incidentally, I forgive the American Mafia for all of their Transgressions Against Me.

I have been 100% honest and Straight Up with Everyone for Quite Some Time Now.

We Need the American Mafia, and They Need Us in Regard 2–>

Getting Rid Of Our Current OBSOLETE Federal Governmental DESIGN, and Instituting An Efficient, Open and Fair MODERN NEW DESIGN of Internet Government aka e-GOVERNMENT or e-gov.

The Constitution had “the Right Sense of Freedom in it”, but the Technology Back then Was Nothing Like We Have Today.

Knowing What We All Know 2 Be True–>

To NOT Run America via an Internet e-GOVERNMENT that is—>



An e-GOV Designed By The Smart Moral Folks In Silicon Valley,—>

Is Clearly “the Worst Case of Federal Government Suppression” of all.

History Beckons Many Of Us In Regard 2 Starting The 1st Internet Woodstock It Seems (3-12-2014)

History Beckons Many Of Us In Regard 2 Starting The 1st Internet Woodstock It Seems (3-12-2014)

History Beckons Many Of Us In Regard 2 Starting The 1st Internet Woodstock It Seems (3-12-2014)

Adult WARNING-> I’d skip this next section of you don’t smoke pot or like racy adult material, or if U R 2 young.

(You Must Be 18 to Read Any Further! Adult420 material is below.)

SmokeMasterAllenD &


History Beckons Us All (3-12-2014)

Maria Marihuana on YouTube (search 4 her) is a 420 Sweetie Pie! whew! she’s 420hot! i like takin’ a peek at something cool that Maria has put on on YouTube every day! she 420motivates me! i’d love to get real stoned and naked with her! i might not last long tho’. she’s hot!
Maria makes me think of my 2 lesbian 420Sub girls sitting there, getting High At MY COMMAND!, and—>

Getting Spanked and Slaving Away 420/Submissively on WordPress All Damn Night and Damn Day 4 Me!

It so turns out that lots of people like being spanked! and that “GETTING SPANKED Is A REAL GOOD THING!!! as far as one’s happiness goes!”

That’s how things Should Be! Swat! Swat! Bend Over with your ass 2 me, put that bong in your mouth and light it, while i spank U and make U smoke more and more and more 4 me! That’s how it’s gotta be! Swat! Swat!! Swat!!! Do u understand ME Slave? YES, SmokeMASTERAllenD! i Will Smoke All that U Tell Me 2 Smoke SmokeMASTERAllenD! i will obey your Smoking Orders at all times SmokeMASTER/D! i promise U Master/D! i beg U to Make Me Smoke MORE 4 U MasterD!

we’re just gonna add smoking 2 spanking—> and—>


sometimes i’m gonna spank my two sweetie WordPress helpers until they are—>

Super stoned 4 me! So Stoned they can hardly walk straight and need to lean on the walls! lol


Wow! a 6 foot long bong! what a great way 2 start my blogging day! i love watching this cute black girl with the real nice tits!!! take a giant 6 ft. long bong hit! and i love how it affects her! i’m gonna make my two lesbian 420subs get a bong like this! and use it when “they get ready 2 go to work 4 me”! they might not be worth a damn 4 the first few hours tho’–> ’cause they’ll be MUCH TOO Silly and Much 2 STONED! I LIKE 2 Keep My WordPress Lesbian Helpers Good and Stoned and Real 420Submissive 2 Me! things go better that way! and boy! can those 2 work REAL HARD WHEN THEY R STONED! i sometimes work ‘em all night and all the damn day! i am proud that “they keep up with me” and–> i am proud of “the heroism they exhibited to help me” and–> i am proud of “all the Good DOGPress Work that they Do 4 Me” 2! AllenDs420Angels 4 sure! i can’t wait till we meet!


It is time for us to quit talking about Stoner Stuff and to move on to some Important Things, like the 1st Internet Woodstock and REVOLUTION!!!

Bruce Springsteen is da Man! (I can’t See iROCK4iFREEDOM/2014 without Bruce Springsteen as the Headliner! he sure is my #1 choice!)

Like Bruce sings (and dances!) in the above–> “U Can’t Start a Fire Without A Spark!”–>

I am proud 2 report that my heroic WordPress Collaborative Website Development Team and GOOGLE are that Spark!

We Became “that Spark” when GOOGLE and I entered into an Intuitive Business Agreement based on Trust over the Internet on FEB/8/14 Granting GOOGLE 51% of the 1st Internet Woodstock Concert Event pie.

Not only did we Partner Up With Google, We Expect “Others” In Silicon Valley and elsewhere 2 MAKE THE 1ST INTERNET Woodstock happen as a Result of a Venture Capital Effort!

These “Others” are highly likely to Include the Founders of the Original Woodstock!!!

And Amazingly but True, these “Others” may include the American Mafia as well.

We “think” we are going to call this 1st Internet Woodstock to be held this Summer Around both America and the World >>>iROCK4iFREEDOM/2014<<</2014!

What’s this about a Spark?

Spark 4 What?

We are a Spark 4 a NECESSARY and Justifiable Revolution here in the United States, that’s what!

It is Worthy to Note here that our Federal Government Watched Over the Internet (via their monitoring of it)—>

The Feds Watched My Epic Battle with the American Mafia between JAN/6/10 Until OCTOBER 2012 as they—>

Tried to kill me over and over and over again, while I defended myself—>

With bars, hooks, screws, screwdrivers, electric drills, 2 by 4′s, 4 by 4′s, hand held air boat horns, duct tape, Some Handyman Skills and—>

My “Genius of Sorts” Brain–>

Along with Some Logic, Deduction, WordPress, Facebook, the Internet, and a little Common Sense.

Did the U.S. Government Offer to Help Me when they became Aware that the Mafia was repeatedly trying to kill me?

No, because as A Man Openly Calling for a Justifiable Revolution in America, and—>

As An Alternative Medical Discoverer of how to Use Nutritional Supplements to Profoundly Control Or Cure DEPRESSION, ADHD, PTSD–>

Sleep Problems, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Alcoholism, Heroin Addiction, Meth addiction, Crack Addiction, etc. –>

My Knowledge ABOUT HOW TO HEAL WITHOUT USING ANY DRUGS Threatens the Government Too.

Now, As a Prolific Blogger writing for Dozens of PATRIOT AND REVOLUTION Websites that is—>

Getting better blogging skills-wise over time—>

“The Feds SORELY want me dead too”.

As a Single Person, due to my Alternative Medical Discoveries—>

I threaten the Loss of More Power, Prestige, and Money than ANY other person in human history.

No One is Even Close.

The Odds of Me lasting this long were one in a million, that’s no shit.

The Mafia knows this as well as I do.

That is Why We Respect Each Other at this point in time.



God has to be in this Picture somehow!

It’s a Miracle I am Still Alive!

And Now We Are On the Verge Of the 1st Internet Woodstock put on by the likes of GOOGLE!


That’s No Lie!


I am getting on an Amtrak train in Utica NY on March 18th. My goal in doing so is to go to California 2 Be Close 2 my heroic San Francisco WordPress and GOOGLE and Silicon Valley Friends!!!

I have repeatedly warned everyone about the Possibility of Not Making It due to Federal Action (or less likely, but still possible, action by the Mafia or the Illuminati).

These Warning Words Needed to be Written.

Not Only R They True, “They Serve To Help Protect Me”.

Don’t Misunderstand where I am coming from.

I have No Fear, and I am Dying 2 Get On the Train on MAR18th, accompanied or not.

I am THE MOST WILLING Martyr In History, Due to the Power of a Free and Open Internet.

I “know things are different this time”-> that Someone…—>

At Some Point In Time is likely to Come Up To Me in San Francisco and Say—>

My Name is Such and Such and “I am One of Your WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Members”.

I will most certainly know what this means!

I KNOW that I will be in the Company of a TRUE American HERO when You Speak those Words to me!

I will Cherish The Day I hear anything similar to the above!

I Also KNOW that I Will Be In The Company of a VERY SMART and VERY HARD WORKING Hero at that!


God is Good 4 Sure.

Can You Imagine This Moment and What It Is Going To Mean for me!

Can You Imagine?

After All that I have been through… and that “We have Been Through Together”

The Moment I Meet U/U2 Face 2 Face Erases All of the Hardship, and—>

Begins All of the Joy!

The Joy of Making the 1st Internet TRUTH and FREEDOM Woodstock actually happen!

Yes, Dreams Do Come True!

Incidentally, Making WordPress Song Blogs Like This Is Great Fun!!!!!!!!

[Widespread WordPress Use Via Mandatory WordPress Education in Grade School and High School Is Going 2 Change America and then the World! if I have any say in the matter.]

Both America and the World are Waiting on a Sunny Day!

Thanks to my heroic Hardworking WordPress Team and—>

ALL Of the Heroic Smart People that run and work for GOOGLE!

With the Apparent Coming Assistance of the American Mafia “when the Time is Right”—>

We R Either GOING 2 SAVE THE WORLD, or we are going to die trying.

I have been 100% honest and Straight Up with Everyone for Quite Some Time Now.

We Need the Mafia, and They Need Us.

Force Simply Needs 2 Get Redirected.

And Paid as Promised, of course.

This Pay Does Not Come Without Work Involved.

The Mafia is “Going to Seek Fiscal and Property Repatriations for us”.

The Mafia is Going to Apply Force When Force Is Needed—>

And Under Silicon Valley’s Presidential Roundtable of 8 Direction.

For that, and—>

The Maintenance Of A Relationship of Mutual Respect at all Times—>

The Mafia Gets Paid.

An Internet Based Federal Government Should Have Eight Presidents Rather Than One (3-11-2014)

The Mafia Also Gets A Seat At The 8 Presidents Round Table, and—>

Perhaps Even Two, especially in the beginning—>

Because they are going to be real busy for a little while.

Two Seats Makes Sense From the Standpoint of the Fact that—>

A Core Team of Four is a Good Size to—>

Get a lot of things done with minimal hassle and cost, and—>

Because of this—>

Our Table of Eight Might Be Splitting Into Two Tables Of Four Sometimes.

If the Above is Going 2 Be the Case—>

The Mafia Should Get Two Seats—>

So that they are Never “Not Represented” at a “Management of America” Table.

We will learn a lot from the Mafia in regard to “how to fix things in America”, and—>

Perhaps Why Some of These Things Were Broken in the first place.

If my Dreams Come True—>

We will Save America and Become Very Good Friends!

Despite the Possibly Rocky Road the American Public will Most Probably Go Through—>

Pain and Suffering were Inevitable Given the Fiscal, FEMA Camp and “COMING MARTIAL LAW” Course (it must be coming because they are so heavily preparing for this) Our Current Federal Government has put us on.

It is Time 4 the LIES 2 STOP.


It is TIME 4 THE SMART PEOPLE in Silicon Valley 2—>


And To Take Over the Reins of America WITH THE HELP OF FORCE—>

In the Form of the American Mafia.

Jointly, We will SUCCEED IN THE END.


I believe it Wise that “We All Soon Meet As Soon As Is Practical or Possible”.

I am “Ready To Get Picked Up Tomorrow”, or the Day After, or the Day After That.

There is No Need 4 Me 2 Wait Until the 18th—>

If Someone On The Other End (either the Mafia or Silicon Valley) Is Ready To Begin Talking To Me Now.

Please Remember, There Are Substantial Stock Market Implications 2 What We Are Doing, and—>

Timing Is Everything in the boat we are all in.

We Are Dealing With the Biggest Wall Street Short Sale—>

In History, if this is Handled Right.

The Sooner We All Begin 2 Talk, the Better.

It’s True.

History Does Beckon Us All.

And Perhaps It Even Beckons People like Oprah Winfrey 2!

History Beckons Us All (10-20-2013)

As U can see by the above date, this blog has been in development 4 quite some time.  Some of the copy in this older blog is copy that is Germane Here (see below).

Photo on 3-15-13 at 5.58 PM #2

History Beckons Us All (10-20-2013)

***Important Note: This Insightful WordPress Blog that I originally wrote under the influence (420) on a smart phone in the summer of 2013, and then later improved using my iMac, is one of the Best and Most Important WordPress Blogs that I ever wrote in my life! This blog is still under construction BECAUSE IT NEEDS SO MANY UNDERLYING LINKS TO OTHER WordPress BLOGS OF MY HEROIC PATRIOT MOVEMENT WordPress WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT TEAM’S ATTACHED. However, the heart of what I am trying to say—> is done. Allen D


If there is one thing that I have learned in sixty years of living it is that “if you expect to succeed you cannot buck human nature”.

On one hand we humans have many admirable qualities.
None of us was born evil at birth.
We all know what right and wrong is,
And we all have “a little piece of God in us”… regardless of what wrong or evil things we as adults may do.

On the other hand most human beings are morally weak, much too greedy, and are easily corrupted. These things have been proven over and over again throughout the entirety of human history.

In essence, to save both America and the World, a way needs to be found that overcomes (or successfully circumvents) the common frailties in human nature.

Politicians all over the world are corrupted by money.

Any person or corporation with enough money can buy politicians votes in a Congressional setting, or get them to sponsor laws that benefit the wealthy or their corporations.

Politicians all over the world rely on the wealthy, corporate and Mafia donors in order to get themselves reelected.

And politicians all over the world cave into murderous threats against them or their children (or other loved ones) that are told them in secret by the Mafia.

Politicians are people that are subject to the same human frailties most human beings have. They are morally weak, greedy, and easily corrupted.

To Repeat Myself, Politicians of All Nations Almost Invariably Cave in To Murderous Threats Against Their Children Or Grandchildren that are Told To Them In Secret by the Mafia.

The Mafia can make almost ANYBODY to dance to their tune, and do whatever the Mafia wants them to! Period. (This includes the American Mafia of course! They control D.C. far more than most people people know.)

Governments all over the world are failing to meet the true needs of their people because of the above… because their government structure fails to address these common frailties in human nature.

If America and other countries are going to find a way out of the jam they are in,changes in their government structure are going to have to address the serious common frailties in human nature.

Oddly the above is going to lead to the fact that governments in countries around the world would be extremely wise to openly deal with and fiscally compensate the Mafia.

The above statement especially applies to the United States of America and the American Mafia.

The American Mafia should receive blanket amnesty for anything and everything that they may have done in the past… to include corrupting the Federal Government in any and every way in America… if they “switch sides” and work with the Smart Folks in the Computer, Computer Software and Internet Industries to topple our current corrupt Federal Government.

If the Mafia agrees to “switch sides” and does what is necessary to prove this… then not only should the Mafia receive blanket amnesty for any and all wrongdoing that they may have done in the past, they should be hired by the new Federal Government (once the old Federal Government falls) on a permanent basis such that the wealthy elite, the corporations, the New World Order Agenda folks and the power of money FROM ANY SOURCE do not ever corrupt the political process in America again.

Any new government that is set up when America falls is going to need a great deal of wisdom and power in order to prevent the common frailties of human nature from simply corrupting government again.

I propose that the Mafia is the ideal power in which to do this, and that the wisdom to set up a new government ought to come out of the computer, computer software and Internet industries.

It would be wise for one or more major players in the Computer, Computer Software, and Internet Industries to (1) take whatever actions are necessary to rather immediately protect me (Allen Darman) personally, (2) collaborate with me to come up with a workable plan in order to try to topple the Federal Government with the Truth over the Internet, and (3) meet with some key members of the American Mafia and try to cut a workable deal that all parties would be content with.

Between what I know and the Mafia knows, coupled with what some of the major players in the Computer, Computer Software and Internet Industries could collectively do with this knowledge, the current Federal Government would almost certainly fall to the Truth… as long as there was still a free and open Internet.

The key event which has the power to topple the military-industrial-Big Oil complex, and topple our current corrupt Federal Government as well… is 9/11 of course.

The Mafia knows George Bush, Dick Cheney and other people inside the Federal Government had advance knowledge in regard to 9/11, and it knows that 9/11 was a false flag attack whose plans originated inside the United States government.

The Mafia was almost certainly involved in 9/11 to some extent as well… but they did not initiate it… people inside our Federal Government did.

The Mafia should receive blanket amnesty for any and all that they did in regard to 9/11 if they adequately tell the truth about it such that the U.S. Federal Government falls.

What the Mafia knows about 9/11 definitely has the power to cause a Second Revolution in America. And it definitely has the power to bring our current corrupt Federal Government down.

What the Mafia knows about Big Pharma corruption and how easily and often FDA officials are bribed and/or pressured to act in Big Pharma’s best interests rather that the interest of the health and well being of all American citizens also has the power to bring our corrupt Federal Government down as well.

And what the Mafia knows about how easily and often Federal Government employees and politicians are corrupted definitely has the power to cause a Second Revolution in America as well.

If ever there was a time to break the code of silence for a Justifiable Cause (Revolution) that time is now… before the Federal Government declares Martial Law and shuts Freedom of Speech on the Internet down.

The knowledge that the Mafia has should be carefully and wisely handled such that it brings about a peaceful and orderly Second Revolution in America, rather than a violent and messy one.

I propose a strategic partnership between the Mafia and the Computer, Computer Software and Internet Industries in order to get rid of the United States Federal Government and replace it with a newer Internet based model of government that actually works.

The Intelligent and Well Informed American Public has had more than enough of our current corrupt corporate, special interest and New World Order controlled Federal Government. They would consider almost anything that is reasonable and practical to see it removed.

The Mafia would be wise to take advantage of the above facts before the Federal Government declares Martial Law under some (probably false) pretext and Shuts Down Freedom of Speech on the Internet.

Just Imagine for a moment all of the benefits and/or fiscal savings from replacing our current U.S. government with an honest and intelligent new model of Internet Based Federal Government (a Federal egovernment) that is run efficiently and well.

For one thing the cost of our Federal Government itself would be a mere fraction of what it is today.

We sure would not need nearly as many Federal employees as we have now.

Nor would we need a bloated Federal Security Apparatus as we have today. The Department of Homeland Security should be immediately closed. Nor would we need but a mere fraction of the CIA, NSA, and FBI employees that we have today.


Because much of the rest of the world would realize that America is truly changing from an evil fascist nation to a good one… and therefore they would have no motivation to want to attack us any more.

If we Americans had an honest (Truthful) Internet Based Government (eGovernment) then the following applies…

America has something like 700 military bases around the world. We could close almost all of these bases and finally bring almost all of our troops and mercenaries (Blackwater, now known as Xe I think) home.

We would certainly keep an adequate military presence to protect ourselves… but it would be nothing as costly as we spend on our military forces today with all the unnecessary wars and “police actions” we opt to fight.

Incidentally, our current Naval capability and nuclear submarine fleet would seriously deter any nation from ever trying to take over America… unless they wanted to be “radioactive parking lots”.

If we had a new eGovernment based on the Truth, the 2nd Amendment would be safe… “the Right To Bear Arms”.

If we Americans had a new eGovernment based on the Truth, we would not be spending our tax dollars to listen to All Citizens Phone Calls, or monitor All Citizens Emails and Internet Activity, or monitor All Citizens Banking and Spending Activity, or Film Everyone Constantly in Big Cities like we now do, or monitor us in every possible way Big Brother-wise.

If we had an honest Internet Based Government we would immediately Nationalize the Private Corporation called the Federal Reserve Bank. We Should Control Our Own National Currency. Why won’t the private corporation called the Federal Reserve Bank stand for an audit? What are they trying to hide?

If we Americans had an honest Internet Based Government then…

All of the Energy Invention and Alternative Medical Discoveries that our current Federal Government has systematically suppressed for many decades will finally come to the light of day.

America will finally get a water powered car, which Stan Meyer from Ohio invented (and Daniel Dingle from the Philippines did as well) but was U.S. Federal Government suppressed.

America will finally get very high mileage carburetors, which Charles Pogue, Allen Caggiano, and so many other persons invented, but were all U.S. Federal Government suppressed.

America will get to build and use Rory Johnson’s Magnatron motor, which is almost fuel-less and suitable to power buses and trucks, another incredible carbon free invention that was U.S. Federal Government ignored and/or suppressed.

America will get “free electricity” that uses no fossil or nuclear fuel whatsoever, nor uses inefficient and capital intensive means such as solar or wind power… as per one or more of the MANY U.S. Government suppressed electrical energy inventions that investigative reporter Gary Vesperman (links coming) so diligently and heroically has cataloged for all of us.

America will get LENR cold fusion heating devices for home and commercial use as per what a man in Italy named Andrea Rossi fairly recently invented, but seems to be U.S. Government ignored and/or suppressed. (Links coming in a few days or so.)

Just think… if only we had an honest Federal Government… America could put hundreds of thousands of people to work transferring this country out of needless fossil fuel use, while finally doing something real about reducing this country’s fossil fuel footprint… and at the same time finally slow down the CO2 we add to the atmosphere (thus slowing climate change). In doing so, we could set an example for the rest of the world.

Incidentally, the use of corn to make ethanol is “pure bullshit” as far as energy savings or energy generation goes. So is fracking “pure bullshit”… as much environmental damage as fracking causes, and the fact that there are so many other better ways of generating heat and energy. Fracking is nuts! So is the burning of oil or coal for heat, or to generate electricity… it’s nuts to damage the environment with fossil fuels while ignoring or suppressing all of better, cheaper, and considerably less environmentally damaging ways “to achieve the same thing” (educate yourself – read Gary Vesperman… links coming).

If we had an honest Internet Based Government America would finally get Truth in Medicine, instead of the Myriad of Lies that Main Stream Media, Big Pharma, the FDA, and all three branches of our Federal Government shove down America’s throats. (Links coming.)

If we had an honest government numerous real cures for cancer would finally come out of the closet and cure millions of Americans. (Links coming throughout the section below.)

A mega genius named Royal Raymond Rife (who may have been smarter that Albert Einstein) was the first person that invented a solid and verified cure for numerous types of cancers back in the 1930′s, but his work was U.S. Government suppressed (by the FCC).

Another genius named Bob Beck found a solid workable cure for AIDS and at least some cancers in the 1990′s… but he was FDA suppressed.

Numerous other alternative doctors found anti-cancer methods that were far more effective at curing cancer than chemotherapy, radiation and surgery… but they were all either ignored or suppressed by… you guessed it… our own Federal Government, especially the FDA. Many of them were also suppressed by the AMA (American Medical Association) as well.

Jim Humble, another heroic alternative medical discoverer, found an inexpensive applicable at home cure for malaria (and much else), but he was FDA suppressed.

My son Willy Darman and I co-discovered “The Most Important Medical Discovery of This Century” (Willy’s Baggie of Supplements, therapeutic probiotics use, hidden food allergy avoidance, etc.). This broad based nutrient (and natural measure) healing protocol represents a real cure for practically every mental health diagnosis under the sun (to include ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression, PTSD, etc.). It is also likely to be profoundly helpful for both almost all cases of degenerative illness and addiction as well. And it is profoundly wound healing and anti-aging as well.

Unfortunately the great co-discovery that my son Willy Darman and I made in 2004 and later improved upon (Willy’s Baggie) is… by official U.S. Federal Policy… FDA suppressed.

Willy’s Baggie was also suppressed by the American Mafia on behalf of Big Pharma… as much as they have hacked me since June 2006… and in regard to the three dozen or so times they have tried to kill me since January 6, 2010. (I completely forgive the Mafia for all of this… and I sincerely hope we can be friends some day fairly soon.)

Willy’s Baggie discovery was almost certainly suppressed by the corruption of one or both of its key ingredient sources (link coming).

Willy’s Baggie was also “attempted to be suppressed” TWICE BY THE FDA… once in 2007 and once in 2011. (This is a matter of Federal Record in both instances. Links are coming.)

Think of all of the money that America could save by getting rid of the enormous hoax of drug oriented medicine. And think of all of the tens of millions of Americans whose health could be regained… if only there was Truth and Honesty in medicine for a change!

Obamacare was “a bought, paid for and/or pressured political decision backed up by a corrupted Supreme Court”. It was essentially a last ditch desperate effort to prop up the hoax of drug oriented medicine by Federal Mandate, despite the fact that alternative medicine trumped conventional medicine on the Internet over a decade ago. This corrupt political decision was made in order to save Big Pharma and much of conventional medicine from the Truth.

Obamacare should cause a Second Revolution in America all on its own.

Obamacare proves Big Pharma corruption… and it proves Federal Government Medical Truth Suppression. This is a True Crime Against Humanity that is More Evil than the Holocaust… or it Inevitably will be given a little more time.


Unfortunately none of the above mentioned “Good Changes” can happen if the corrupt corporate controlled Federal Government that we have now does not fall to a Justifiable Revolution.

There is no fixing our corrupt United States Government… it simply has to Fall… and Then Be Completely Replaced With a Fairer, Better and More Efficient System of eGovernment that was designed by the Smart Folks in Silicon Valley working collaboratively with each other.

We sure do need a New Deal in America, one that is based on the Enormously Significant Technological Advances of Personal Computers (of all sorts), Smart Phones, and THE INTERNET.

We also need a New Deal in America in which the Federal Government both fully recognizes and adequately supports its Innovators, Discoverers (of which I am one and so is my son Willy Darman), and Inventors… rather than ignoring them or suppressing them as it does now.

I firmly believe that for any person or party to try to topple the Federal Government without this action fiscally, environmentally, health-wise, freedom-wise and otherwise benefiting BOTH the vast majority of American Public and the American Mafia is not a wise choice (for reasons that I would rather not go into at length at this time).

I Personally Would NOT SUPPORT ANY Revolution in America that Does Not Benefit the Mafia too (as long as they don’t try to kill either myself or any member of my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team again!).

For the Mafia to maintain the code of silence in regard to 9/11 and in regard to the rampant corruption of our Federal Government, and ignore the substantial and growing American (and Worldwide) Movement towards the Truth, Freedom, Happiness, Health and Justice For All is perhaps not wise as well.

Great Power comes with a Substantial Degree of Responsibility attached to it. The Mafia has Great Power. The Computer, Computer Software and Internet Industries Collectively have Great Power. And knowledgeable persons such as myself (and others as well) have Great Power as well.

Let us all accept and carry out the Responsibilities that come attached to this Power, and do so thoughtfully, carefully and wisely.

The survival of both humanity and our fragile planet is at stake.

History beckons us all.

Allen Darman with help from his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team!


Although it is not yet completed “the heart of what I am trying to say” in this WordPress blog is done.

All this WordPress blog really needs is some minor editing and a number of links and some pictures added for it to be complete.

I hope that I live long enough to meet with my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team and/or get “a real job” with Google to Start iROCK4iFREEDOM2014–> THE 1ST INTERNET Woodstock!

I also pray that the American Mafia “has lifted the hit on me”, and will meet with me and other people in Silicon Valley in order to talk things out and Structure a Win-Win Deal.

If I do not live long enough, so be it.
The Many Important Truths in this WordPress Blog are worth dying for–>that is for sure.

However, the Power of the Internet may save me. I am going to trust in God, Google, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Apple, Samsung, the American Mafia, my heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team and my Fellow Internet Aware Americans–> and continue to say what needs to be said regardless of what may or may not happen to me.

This is Just Some of Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Teams PATRIOT Movement Work—>

21 Patriot Movement EDUCATIONAL WEBSITES For A Justifiable PATRIOT Revolution IN AMERICA!

But Things Can Be Simplified 2!—>


Eight WordPress Websites That Changed The World!!! Visit Blog

Thank GOD! 4 The Internet Powerhouse called Google—>


Thank God For Google! The United States Of America and the World both Owe a Great Deal! to this Morally Driven Corporate Entity that Is A Champion For Internet Freedom And The Truth!

I love Google’s Mission Statement on their “About” Page—>

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Google’s “About Mission Statement” has “not one word out of order or out of place”, as far as I’m concerned. Perfectly Stated! And I could not agree more!

Incidentally, the Google Corporation plays a rather unique role in All Corporate History!

Google is essentially—>

“The Gateway to All Human Knowledge” in this modern day and age!!!

Wow! What could be More Special and More Powerful than being “The Gateway to All Human Knowledge”!

What a Special Destiny that Google has! (just as my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team has as well!)

Even if the Feds Shut Down the Internet, and thus temporarily strip Google from being able to—>

Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.


The exploding Patriot Movement will undoubtedly be able to “fix this Internet Censorship soon” (by one way or another).

Thank You Google! from the bottom of my heart!

In fact, >>>All<<< of us WordPressWarriors for the Truth Thank You Very Much!—>

For all of the very brave, if not heroic, Internet Search Results help that you are giving us! —>

On November 7, 2013, our WordPress Patriot Movement Website Development Team is either THE ENTIRE FRONT PAGE or ALMOST THE ENTIRE FRONT PAGE in regard to Google Search Results for—>

U.S. Government Suppression of Truth


federal government suppression of truth


social data revolution in America


social data revolution worldwide


1st Internet Woodstock


WordPress collaborative internet team

And for giving us “a Big Chunk of Page One For—>

the power of a free and open internet

As Far As My Heroic WordPress Team, GOOGLE, Facebook, Apple, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo and the Rest Of Silicon Valley are Concerned—>

We Won’t Take Federal Lies and the Suppression of Truth for an answer any more!<<<

Our WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team’s>>> Primary PATRIOT MOVEMENT WordPress Website! <<

The following WordPress iDESKS (websites) Support the Above WordPress Management Website of

Below Are A Number of “Suppression Websites” Exposing The Longstanding And Pervasive Federal Government Suppression of Truth in the Alternative Medical Discovery and Energy Invention Realms.

Here is the 1st “Suppression Website”—>

A Website Exposing The Longstanding and Pervasive Federal Government Suppression Of Truth in the Alternative Medical Discovery And Energy Invention Discovery Realms.


Notable Quotes by

ADOGG aka Allen Darman, NutrientsCure, Allen D and SmokeMasterAllen D

“I strongly believe in what I Am Doing, and I am getting a lot of anonymous help from some very powerful persons and parties over the Internet, to include the Google Corporation, the Facebook Corporation, the Company behind WordPress called Automattic, and Mark Jaquith of”

“Oddly, the Mafia are NOT the Real Bad Guy here. If they Switch Sides, Many Mutual Benefits could emanate from this.”

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ADOGG Is Submitting An iROCK Budgetary Line Item 4 MSGoogle’s Further Review And Consideration (3-14-2014)

ADOGG Is Submitting An iROCK Budgetary Line Item 4 MSGoogle’s Further Review And Consideration (3-14-2014)

Forget about getting me a house.

This is what my San Francisco heroes want out of this, and I concur with their decision.

See them 4 further details.

And see if Mark needs or wants anything, of course.

In my demise, back up these folks in San Francisco, and give them the below 420sub fantasy boss “of their choice”.

That is One of My Last Dying Wishes “if I don’t make it”.

Give this Simple Thing, and these 2 heroes will be extremely happy, and–>

They will work their asses off for you.

They are quite smart “genius smart”–>

Google should hire them and–>

Fully support these WordPress heroes in SF and FL! that Represent my heroic hippie WordPress Website Development Team if I should happen to not make it to San Francisco.

HELP WANTED> a key management position> 420/LES/DOM> THAT WORKS 4> OR WANTS TO WORK 4> GOOGLE (MasterG or MASTERg) and us3 TO START THE 1ST INTERNET Woodstock! Please submit your Microsoft Word or WordPress resumes 2me; i will pass them 2MASTERg bi making WordPress/Blog/Mine/POSTING IT 4 U/MSg (AND THE WORLD2 – TALK ABOUT *OPEN GIVERNEMENT*) 2C/MASTERg! (2-11-14)

February 11, 2014

HELP WANTED&gt; a key management position&gt; 420/LES/DOM&gt; THAT WORKS 4&gt; OR WANTS TO WORK 4&gt; GOOGLE (MasterG or MASTERg) and us3 TO START THE 1ST INTERNET Woodstock! Please submit your Microsoft Word or WordPress resumes 2me; i will pass them 2MASTERg bi making WordPress/Blog/Mine/POSTING IT 4 U/MSg (AND THE WORLD2 – TALK ABOUT *OPEN GIVERNEMENT*) 2C/MASTERg!  (2-11-14)

WE ARE LOOKING FOR MSg here, quite obviously!

Boy, is this gonna get 2 b fun soon!

in San Francisco! at our new digs there!


hard 420work pays off sometimes!


thanks, G!

no lie!

thanks again G.

till death do us part, i’m yours.

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Dear MSGoogle: If U do happen to show (i know my odds may not be too good) I’m going to be a wee bit tired from “what I did *WordPress-Wise* and *Other Work-Wise* 4 the past 6 weeks straight (since FEB1st), but I’ll be OK”. I will be lucid and functional, but you will see the fatigue in my face. I would not show up the best right now in video. Nothing that One or 2 Good Night’s Sleep could not fix! Then I’d be ready for the camera!!! if U show up to help me here, or in Utica. If not, what will be will be. I am quite comfortable with that. I love You Google Folks 4 What U R Doing in Many Ways, too long to list here. I would love 2 be a part of the GOOGLE Team! I give U Google Folks my life forever. I am yours. We Were Chosen By God To Do This iROCK Thing Together. i am a 420humble worker bee 4 God. i listen well (if stoned enough) –> just making a joke, but sometimes this is Quite True 2). i would especially listen 2 U Google and WordPress People, but i would also listen to the Mafia and the Patriot Movement 2. Allen D

a iwoodstock blog with no name (yet)






If Either The Mafia Or GOOGLE Wants To Pick Allen D Up Today He Will Be Packed And Ready Between 1 And 1:30 PM (3-14-2014)

If Either The Mafia Or GOOGLE Wants To Pick Allen D Up Today He Will Be Packed And Ready Between 1 And 1:30 PM (3-14-2014)

If Either The Mafia Or GOOGLE Wants To Pick Allen D Up Today He Will Be Packed And Ready Between 1 And 1:30 PM (3-14-2014)

song here not sure which one “on broadway” i am gonna try out first!

here’s one more of the same impromptu from George Benson

If I live through this, I know that I am goin’ be On Broadway Soon.

That’s No Lie!

If I live through this TO STAND ON THE STAGE On Opening Day Of the 1st Internet Woodstock With Bruce Springsteen as the Headliner, A Bunch of heroic GOOGLE Folks, (perhaps the American Mafia) and my heroic WordPress Website Development Team, I am eventually and perhaps inevitably going to Be >>>One Of the Most Famous People in History<<<

If Not Clearly the >MOST< Famous, nudging out >J.C.<  in a close count at the end 4 “the Top Spot”.

Fame Don’t Mean Beans To Me (3-30-2011)

I grant the fact that J.C. had much more Spiritual Knowledge than I.

However, I know 4 a fact that “I have Jesus Christ beat on the Chemical Side of Things”–>

Because I know that Jesus Christ did not talk about what I know about, which is–>

The Chemistry of God–> Vitamins, Minerals, Essentially Fatty Acids and Free Form Amino Acids!

It takes Both the Spiritual and the Chemical Side to Be Correct 2 Be–>

A Truly Healthy and “Fully God Connected” Human Being.

AS An Alternative Medical DISCOVERER, I KNOW THIS 4 A FACT.

The Only Problem here IN REGARD TO FAME of course, is that darn Chronic Problematic Phase of “If I LIVE THOUGH THIS”.


it’s time for another hit!

Thanks 2 GOOGLE IF I DON’T MAKE IT, my Many Messages will still be heard Worldwide.

If I don’t make it, J.C. and I Should PERHAPS Be a Tie.

As an Admittedly Flawed Human Being, I did what he did 2000 some years ago.

I Woke the World Up 2 “The Key Suppressed Social Truths Of My Time” on this Earth.

And If I Die, I Will Have Paid 4 that Contribution 2 Humanity With My Life.

As a Willing Internet Martyr in Order to Help –>

My Country – the United States of America – and –>

To Help the World And –>

To Help Every Living Creature on this GOD GIVEN Planet (WE R RUINING), both Plant and Animal, 2.

If Either The Mafia Or GOOGLE Wants To Pick Allen D Up Today He Will Be Packed And Ready Between 1 And 1:30 PM (3-14-2014)

Posted on March 14, 2014

If Either The Mafia Or GOOGLE Wants To Pick Allen D Up Today He Will Be Packed And Ready Between 1 And 1:30 PM (3-14-2014)

If Either The Mafia Or GOOGLE Wants To Pick Allen D Up Today He Will Be Packed And Ready Between 1 And 1:30 PM (3-14-2014)

According to Me Allen D…

Although much on our various Patriot & Militia Movement Educational, 1st Internet Woodstock Developmental, Federal Government Suppression of Truth Informational, “Using WordPress 4 Management” and Other Websites is currently in disarray, there is a decent version of dozens and dozens of Key WordPress Blogs somewhere.

That’s What Really Counts, if I go down on my way 2 San Francisco beginning this Tuesday, March 18th.

That and the fact that there IS BOTH a WordPress and Silicon Valley Team (headed by GOOGLE) Backing Me Up, One that could Straighten Out All Of The Website Messes that I am leaving if they so desire 2, if I am no longer alive.

My Work is Not Copyrighted by me–> It is Free to Whomever Can Make Use of it.

If there are any Copyright Ownership Rights to my work, I hereby bequeath them equally to the 3 heroes that represent “my WordPress Intuitive Collaborative Website Development Team”.

I am going to pack everything up today, in case either the Mafia or GOOGLE want to pick me up and bring me to Utica.

If no one shows, I will take the bus to Utica Tomorrow (Sat.).

In the past three days, I must have had at least 50 cold shut downs. This slowed me down a bit, but “things are done enough now”, so it does not matter.

I am deeply grateful to Apple, Inc. for building me a computer that I could use for this past year.

If it was not for Apple, my ability to get and stay online with a computer to get any WordPress Work Done ended well over a year ago.

One could arguably state that my Access to the Internet For WordPress Work ended as far back as Sept. or Oct. 2012, when I bought two laptops at a Walmart in Des Moines IA (returning the first one) , and hackers immediately shut both of them down on me WordPress-wise.

Although I’d sure like to live through this, my life does not matter now, Thank God.

If I Go Down, The Awakened Giant of Silicon Valley Will Fight Back with a huge 1st Internet Woodstock this summer, and perhaps Some Rather Immediate Smaller Events To Wake America Up 3 the Fact it was “probably Obama AND/OR HIS CONTROLLERS that killed me”, although it admittedly could have been either the Mafia or the Illuminati acting on their own too.

Simply the FACT THAT OUR Corrupt FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Absolutely “FedGOV/READS/MY/DAILY/WordPress/Blog/OUTPUT” AND HAS NOT ACTED TO HELP ME Should Tell Silicon Valley and My WordPress Friends Something.

The Feds have read all of my stuff for many years, but especially since the fall of 2011–>

When I started Blogging Openly on the Internet for Millions of Men to Go 2 Washington–>

With unloaded weapons in the trunk of their car “JUST IN CASE THEY NEEDED THEM” to Say “Enough is Enough.”

This is What Needs 2 Be Said 2 Those in Washington D.C.–>

“You can all go home, after you help me with the transition to a Open, Honest and Fair e-Government of America.”

“We Silicon Valley Patriots, with the help of Other Patriots Everywhere, (and perhaps the American Mafia – if not they need to be fought to the bitter end) are taking over the Management of America for the Betterment Of (Almost) All.”

And this is What 2 Do If I Don’t Make It 2 See My SF Friends Alive–>

Hang ‘em ALL –> the Mafia, the Illuminati and the Feds (whatever FedGOV Employees Were Determined 2 Be Responsible), and let God Sort Things Out, is a Good Slogan for–>

The “MUST HAPPEN or ELSE” Silicon Valley Assisted, if not Silicon Valley Driven–>

Patriot Revolution in America–>


If I go down on my way to SAN FRANCISCO.

If I go down, America DEFINITELY NEEDS TO IDENTIFY AND FIGHT THE American MAFIA, to the Last Man Standing.

Forget about the Court System we have now.

Kill them all for the 120,000 American people who die from toxic medications based on fraudulent science that are taken “as prescribed and directed”.

Our Federal Government is also behind the deaths of these 120,000 people EACH GOD DAMN YEAR. Yet they make so much of 3,000 plus innocent American deaths on 9/11 (when they are 40 times more responsible themselves, a count that only reflects one area of all of the death our federal government dispenses both here in America and all over the World).

To Say Nothing of 9/11 Truth.

Oh My God.

How is our FedGOV still in Power after the Truth about 9/11 came out on the Internet?

What’s wrong People?

It’s Time 4 A Justifiable Revolution in America!

It’s Time To Spread the Suppressed Truths About Many Things All Over the Internet!

It’s Time 4 All Of Silicon Valley TO ASSIST THE ABOVE LINE ASAP, IN ANY WAY–>








Don’t Let Suppressed Discoverers Like Me Just Hang Out In the Breeze somewhere–>

LIKE THE U.S. GOVERNMENT DID 2 ME> they had to Witness the Phoenix Mafia Murder Attempt IN APRIL 2011–>

And Many OTHER MAFIA Murder Attempts on Facebook.



Think About This For Five Minutes As Well.


After the Heroism WE Discoverers TRYING 2 BE HEARD Have Given You–>

(and All of Humanity too)

Help Us.

Help Us, It is the Morally Right Thing 2 Do.

And HELP ALL OF US Suppressed Discoverers, Both Alive (these are “rare animals 4 sure”) and Dead, ALL AT ONCE, WITH THE 1ST INTERNET Woodstock HELD WORLDWIDE in the Summer of 2014.

On Another Front–>

I Could Really Help Out In Regard to a Smooth Transition from–>
“Where We Are Now” 2 “Where We Should Be” in America as Far As–>
“Managing This Country Goes”.

The Above Is Especially True If the American Mafia Accepts GOOGLE’s–>
Silicon Valley’s (Inferred? not sure of word use here) Invitation, and My Invitation to–>
Sit Down and Talk and–>
Structure a Win-Win-Win Deal.

That’s No Shit.

About Me–>

i am just a humble Thinker and WordPress Worker bee 4 God.

i am here to Serve My Fellow Americans, the GOOGLE Company, and the American Mafia–>

As Best As I Can Serve U At All Times, Given–>

Only the Constraint of My Conscience (which is God).

i am not only a humble worker bee 4 God,–>

I Am A STRONG Man Of God When It Counts.

As long as everyone is RESPECTFUL and Reasonable At All Times–>

Things Can Be Worked Out 4 The Benefit of All.


ADOGG aka Allen D

Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Is At War With Our Own United States Federal Government and with Many Other Federal Governments Worldwide.

We are also at war with Big Banking, Big Pharma (an Evil of Epic Proportions), Big Oil, Big Nuclear, Big Coal, Big Energy, Big Medicine, Big Farming, Big Food, Monsanto, the Illuminati (or whatever the heck they call themselves), Organized Religion, the Mafia (unless they switch sides), and with Many Other Powers that Be too.

There is perhaps not a single Power in the World outside of the Powers that Be on the Internet such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and those on The Internet that Recognize, Support, And Share The Truth that our WordPress Collaborative Team does not threaten in one way or another.

It is a case of the People against their Unjust Or Untruthful Oppressors, whomever and wherever they may be.

We Stand For Every Just Cause Worth Mentioning.

We Stand For Nature, and For This Beautiful Planet God Gave Us that Is Being Irreparably Damaged Due to Corruption, Stupidity, Power Hungry Madness, and Greed.

We Stand For the Truth.

Lastly, We Stand For Internet Freedom, for Without Internet Freedom there is No Freedom At All.

The Above was Written by Allen D with critical Expert WordPress Help from Mark J

And With–—>

Appreciated Editing and 24/7 Intuitive Help from—>  

the People Underlying WordPress

And With–—> the Google Company, the Facebook Company and the Twitter Company helping us 2. 

And With–—>

Heroic Help from our
San Francisco Hippie Gang of

WordPressWarriors for the Truth! 



Are Patriot Movement, Alternative Medical Truth, Energy Invention Truth, and 9/11 Truth Internet Revolutionaries! and—> 

Patriot Movement Revolution Internet Educational Course Development
WordPress Website Revolutionaries!
 as well.

We Won’t Take U.S. Government Lies and their Federal Government Suppression of Truth for an answer any more! 

It Is About Time For The Truth, GOOGLE, Silicon Valley, the Mafia (I hope), the Founders Of The Original Woodstock And The Power Of The Internet  To Set Our Fellow Americans And the Rest Of Humanity–> 


i am just a humble worker bee 4 god



FIVE KEY WordPress Blogs 4 Educating the Patriot Movement in America

1) A SOLO SHOT Across The BOW Blog Set

This Blog Set consists of One Blog- the Complex War Blog, which is a MUST READ 4 All Americans.

a) A Complex War In America Is Coming To A Head; The Future Of The World Is At Stake

From the WordPress Management iDESK of—>


WordPress Management by Allen D (aka ADOGG) Visit Blog

2) THE TERRIBLE 2′s Blog Set

THE TERRIBLE 2′s Blog Set consists of Two Blogs As Follows–>

a) A Complex War In America Is Coming To A Head; The Future Of The World Is At Stake

b) Federal Government, Wealthy Elite, and Mafia Suppression Of Truth Is The Norm It Seems (A Timeless WordPress Blog)

From the WordPress Suppression of Truth iDESK of—>


on Suppression by Allen D Visit Blog

3) The HOLY TRINITY Blog Set (which could be make into a WordPress iDESK—> however going back 4 many months I have lost my ability to create new WordPress Websites 4 some reason, so I cannot do this at this time for when I try “nothing happens”).

This Blog Set Consists of Three Blogs as Follows->

a) A Complex War In America Is Coming To A Head; The Future Of The World Is At Stake

From the WordPress Management iDESK of—>


WordPress Management by Allen D (aka ADOGG) Visit Blog

b) Federal Government, Wealthy Elite, and Mafia Suppression Of Truth Is The Norm It Seems (A Timeless WordPress Blog)

From the WordPress Suppression of Truth iDESK of—>


on Suppression by Allen D Visit Blog


From the WordPress Suppression of Truth iDESK of—>


on Suppression by Allen D Visit Blog

4) Forty Four Magnum Blog Set (4 Blogs)

a) A Complex War In America Is Coming To A Head; The Future Of The World Is At Stake

From the WordPress Management iDESK of—>


WordPress Management by Allen D (aka ADOGG) Visit Blog

b) Federal Government, Wealthy Elite, and Mafia Suppression Of Truth Is The Norm It Seems (A Timeless WordPress Blog)

From the WordPress Suppression of Truth iDESK of—>


on Suppression by Allen D Visit Blog


From the WordPress Suppression of Truth iDESK of—>


on Suppression by Allen D Visit Blog

d) The following are Some Links 2 This Historic Blog–>

History Beckons The GOOGLE Company And Many Silicon Valley And Other Partners To Venture Capital Fund A “1st Internet Woodstock” Effort (It Seems) from the WordPress iDESK

5) Five Fingers Blog Set 

Five Fingers Is God’s Design!

5) The Fifth Blog IS COMING From California Soon After I get there on March 21, 2014 via Amtrak (assuming I make it out there without the U.S. Government Using the NDAA on me).

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Imagine Live – John Lennon – 72

Please REMEMBER—> #5 IS COMING From California Soon After I get there on March 21, 2014 via Amtrak (assuming I make it out there without the U.S. Government Using the NDAA on me).

This entry was posted in–> 

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I Resubmit The Below 4 MSGoogle’s Wise Consideration (3-12-2014)

Once I got “History Beckons Us All” and the HOLY TRINITY BLOG 2 where they are now, I am within a day of wrapping things up acceptably–> my team can pick up the rest, if need be (God forbid).

Friday afternoon is a Good Day and Time 2 Go.

I resubmit the Above Idea 4 your Wise Consideration.


420HumbleD Resubmits The Idea That It Is Time 4 Two MSGoogle Girls 2 Come And Take Me 2 Utica 2 Talk And Do Video (3-12-2014)

Once I got “History Beckons Us All” and the HOLY TRINITY BLOG 2 where they are now, I am within a day of wrapping things up acceptably–> my team can pick up the rest, if need be (God forbid).

Friday afternoon is a Good Day and Time 2 Go.

I resubmit the Above Idea 4 your Wise Consideration.

A Utica house purchase is not important.

Making It 2 CA Alive Is.

I’m quite concerned.

I’ve got 2 many enemies to feel safe on the train alone.

Things R Different This Time, in part due to–>

My recent improvement in WordPress Skills.

My Ability to put up Germane Revolutionary Blogs and Web Pages on Multiple Websites is a Real Threat 2 the Federal Government, and “they…

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