Month: December 2013

It Is Nice To Take A Shower Every Night At MSC South

I just got done with my shower.

I expect to sleep in a chair tonight.

It’s not that bad at MSC South.

It sure beats being outside and sleeping on the street.

My biggest complaint here is there are not meals for those that sleep on chairs.

One has to have a bed to eat meals downstairs here.

I finally got smart about no food here at MSC South, other than a skinny sandwich at night.

When I eat lunch at St. Anthony’s, they give you two tickets for two full meals.

And they give you three plastic baggies to put your second meal in.

So I bag a lunch, and eat it for dinner with my fingers at MSC South.

I did this for the last three times I stayed here.

Eating enough food is essential for me, as it is for any person that is homeless and broke.

San Francisco seems to be a very caring and loving city.

It is one of the things that really draws me to this place.

Allen D with heroic help from Mark J. and our critical San Francisco WordPress Anonymous Helpers